Version History

Fixed GDPR error on saving data!

Fixed custom Reply-To-error (thank you olacom)
Fixed file URL in mail
Added GDPR Compliance settings

Fixed adding dependency based on elements with only 1 option (checkbox, radio, select)

Fixed javascript error when adding form elements to mail

Fixed htmlspecialchars error in upload element
Fixed illegal string offset bug in fileupload element
Fileupload files as link in mail

Fixed minor bug in javascript
Added "less" and "more" to dependencies
Fixed strpos bug in upload element

Fixed possible XSS-injection

Time-element error
Fix for empty values on radio/checkbox/selectbox

Fixed MySQL error in results
Fixed minor issue in dependency
Fixed possible XSS-injection

Fixed typo in db.xml

Added results block (showing results in frontend)
Added ability to change the form results within the Dashboard
Added templates to the mailings
Changed date element (error on validation)
Fixed error on results when using customized results
Fixed javascript reload after reviewing form submission
Fixed empty cID when using reviews
Fixed date element when empty show 1970/01/01
Fixed MySQL error on update (table FormidableSavedSearches)

Added fix not loading multiple fileupload elements
Changed clean template 

Added filterByElementHandle and filterByElementID to the results model
Fixed submitting twice with two forms on one page
Fixed adding rows on certain forms
Sort columns and rows
Changed results model for better use
Changed some javascript

Fixed "Array"-error on duplicate a complete form
Using form data in subject of mail
Added "request" values to default values of elements

Added "empty" and "not empty" to dependency conditions (thank you Patrick)
Fixed some javascript in the dependencies

Name change of WYSIWYG element
Fixed dependency rule set to "any value" not coming through in email (thank you Sarah)

Added languages to fileupload element
Fixed error on duplicate a complete form

Added indexes on tables for better performance
Fixed not loading fileupload in FF 33.1 en Chrome 39 (thanx Kristoffer)
Fixed error on duplicate a form mailing

Fixed javascript error when multiple upload instances are configured
Fixed form classes not copied on duplicate a form
Fixed scrolling to top of page if form is in popup
Added chunked upload functionality

Fixed showing label for "Hidden"-element (note: template change)
Fixed show/hide layout and empty fields in mailing
Fixed AnswerSetID in mailing
Fixed error on duplicating mailing

Fixed "no-thank-you-message" in "clean"-template
Fixed duplicate result in results list even if value should be empty
Fixed "getCollectionID()"-error when submitting
Added functionality to set default value based on User- or Page Properties / Attributes
Added functionality to save data after submission to User- or Page Properties / Attributes

Fixed not sending any mails to "Recipient"-selector 

Fixed multiple independencies on an element (required if no show)
Fixed major issue with validation of elements

Fixed shorten value "Textarea"-element in export
Fixed custom class in form

Fixed error when duplicating entire form
Fixed shorten value "Textarea"-element in export
Fixed multiple independencies on an element (required if no show)
Changed dialogs for elements, emails, layouts, etc...
Fixed W3C Validator error on same ids.
Fixed javascript error when adding block (when dependencies are used)
Added template "bootstrap 3"

Fixed "Slider"-element default (minimal) value
Changed the IP-request form the form
Fixed specialchars from submission in message
Added default C5 style to datepicker

Fix "Code"-element after updating C5 to 5.6.3
Fixed getUserID() errors when submitting (5.6.3 issue)

Added scrollToTop on submit (thank you hissy)
Added Japanese to Ajax Upload (thank you hissy)
Added "Tags"-element
Added date (is a valid date) validation for input and datepicker
Fixed skipped "Address"-element in mail
Fixed "strlen" error in validation
Hide fields with dependencies on mail (if disabled or hidden)
Fixed getUserID() errors when submitting (5.6.3 issue)

Added custom classes to "WYSIWYG"-element
Added classes to parent element div of elements (views)
Fixed use custom classes in columns
Fixed error in duplicating dependencies
Fixed some typos
Fixed "To"-header in mail (some servers won't send mail unless there is a to)
Removed event "on_formidable_validation"
Added preview in dashboard 

Fixed no text in "Paragraph"-element
Fixed "javscript:;"-issue in columns (Safari error)
Fixed searching in element list
Fixed 24/12 hour notation in "Time"-element
Fixed element duplicate error
Fixed MySQL-error on form list when no form is added
Fixed "bootstrap"-template
Fixed "clean"-template
Fixed no-javascript when used in Stack
Fixed translation issue if you use internationalization addon
Fixed default sorting in results (submission date descending)
Fixed default checked radio, checkbox, select and recipient selector
Fixed error on duplicating and moving element
Added "State" to "Address"-element
Added dependency options to elements (beta)
Added "save changes" when leaving page form properties without saving
Added shorten-text in results to "Textarea" and "tinyMCE"-element
Added option to discard empty fields and layout in message
Added option to send mailing as cc or bcc
Minor interface changes (better ui)

Beter User Interface
Better MVC approach
Resolved fileset remove error
Fixed time format 24-hours
Fixed some jquery issues
Fixed error on scheduling date
Fixed "Enter"-key error on textareas
Changed view of individual result
Changed "CC" to "BCC" in emails
Added layout options
Added "Reply-To" in mails
Added advanced search options in results
Added saved search options in results
Added "Fullname"-element

Fixed default value in date element
Added default advanced content in date element
Added more date formats
Fixed default value in time element
Changed order in element dialog (thank you Marty)
Minor changes to upgrade usability
Fixed showing all messages on multiple forms on page
Fixed hiding other forms on page if one is submitted
More jquery-friendly approach for redirection after submission
Added placeholder plugin for non-HTML5 browsers
Assigned "Enter/Return"-key to form submission (only on focus)
Disable submit when submitted
Added "Please wait..." message while submitting
Added loader while submitting
Added messages when elements and mailings are saved, duplicated and/or deleted
Added optional advanced data to mailings (browser, platform, page, user, etc....)
Added scheduling feature (able to schedule when submissions are welcome)

Changed the "reply-to"...
Fixed error in removing results on removing form
Added event "on_formidable_review"
Fixed error on "max_value"
Fixed error multi-uploader in IE8 and Safari 6.0.5, FireFox 21, and Chrome 28 on Mac X 10.8.4
Changes some features in automated job 

Changed the "reply-to"...
Fixed datepicker custom months and days
Fixed recipientselector validation on Email Address
Added "results"-button in form edit page
Added form name to "edit form"-button in results page
Fixed showing form after submission

Fixed reply_to for default mailing
Fixed send to recipient selector 
Added CC to mailing logs

Added urlify and emailify in results
Added "reset customized results" button in results
Added "reply-to" in mailings
Fixed minor js error when submitting
Cleaned up some code in javascript
Added events (on_formidable_validate, on_formidable_submit) 

Added multiple fileupload element
Added duplicate feature for forms
Changed some css in results page
Changed some css in view
Fixed address validation<
Added translation for address selector
Fixed "no results" in search where there should be results
Fixed javascript error progress_bar jquery ui (v1.8.16)
Fixed slider error when min/max values are not set right
Fixed timeselector minor css
Fixed javascript error while adding to stack
Fixed redirect javascript error after submitting
Reduced package size by 50%

Changed some help content in the dashboard wrapper
Fixed error showing results where no form is created
Changed line-height for radiobuttons in default view
Fixed mask-javascript error on adding form to page
Fixed phone element validation
Added more info feature (browser, platform, screenres)
Changed json to serialized datacollection. (fixes specialchars)
Some translation changes
Added edit form button in results
Added edit form button in block
Fixed style inheritage in edit block

Changed the __construct function in the block controller (thank you GregJoyce)
Fixed the error on the collectionID (thank you GregJoyce)
Fixed confirmation value error

Small bug fix default limitation text
Small javascript fix (thank you GregJoyce)
Fixed saving rating element (thank you GregJoyce)
Added "hide label" checkbox so labels can be hidden in the form
Added WYSIWYG and Code elements
Reordered available elements list
Changed width for default view to 100% (thank you tallacman)
Fixed some redirection problems after session is destroyed (timed out)
Fixed some validation errors in form properties
Fixed error when trying to edit non-existing form
Added ajax submission
Fixed qTip2 on focus/blur

Added qTip2 as tooltip
Changed some styles to qTip
Added default limitation text (thank you mnakalay)
Added placeholder to email address element (thank you mnakalay)
Fixed possibility to end a fieldset before starting it (thank you mnakalay) 

Added a new version for marketplace update.
No changes made... 

Fixed minor javascript issue (review button)
Fixed move-cursor dashboard (css)
Fixed error when inserting radiobuttons
Some small css edits in blocks/formidable/view.css
Fixed MySQL errors when saving specialchars
Fixed tooltip on selectboxes
Fixed empty result columns on first show
Fixed major MySQL error in results page
Fixed bug in time-selector element

Added limitations to the forms
Fixed some t() issues (thank you goutnet)
Fixed some typos (thank you goutnet)

Added some comments to single_pages that are just there for redirecting...  (thank you goutnet)
Fixed error on results-page if there aren't any forms (thank you myTooq)

Fixed dropping tables when uninstalling addon

Fixed json_encode (implemented the json helper of C5)
Fixed the use of eval in the captcha model 

Initial version (submitted to Concrete5 Marketplace)