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Before 1.0

Review posted by jonghdesign on at

Great form solution and super support!

Lots of functionalities in terms of fields and mailings. Love the 'other' option within the 'select' form option. Great plugin and really fast response to support questions!
Review posted by carl101lee on at

Excellent Addon

Works as stated on the Tin
Using to pass hidden fields via URL Variable to form out put like a charm.
Thanks Much better than basic form

1.0 -

Review posted by madeforspace on at


The standard form block in C5 is OK if you do not want it to do to much but this block takes forms on to a new level totally.

There is a massive amount of options for you to choose from and a clean and simple to use dashboard page for creating your forms.
Easy for a beginner and flexible for a developer.

Nice touch for adding a couple of templates too.

I had a CSS question for the developer which was rapidly and effectively responded to.

All round a great block that I would recommend to anyone wanting to go beyond the standard C5 forms block.
Review posted by BinaryFold4 on at

Fantastic add-on and brilliant support

This is by far the best, most comprehensive and easiest to use form block I've found for Concrete5. I plan to use this for all future builds.

Support is fast and helpful and additional features have been added when requested - thank you!

1.1.1 -

Review posted by pixeleleven on at

Best Form Add On out there and amazing support!

This is going to be my 'must have' add on for all my C5 sites.

This Add On worked completely out of the box, where other Form Add Ons failed for me, setting up and styling is also a breeze.

The developer Corretje has been incredible with his support, lighting fast to reply. Going out of his way to advise me on changing a UK selector and after my suggestion if it could integrate with the Mailchimp API he pushes out an update 'next day!' with this feature added.

Thank You Corretje!

1.1.2 -

Review posted by dre on at

Awesome Plugin

The plugin is simply amazing and with the html feature included, gives amazing flexibility.

Great Job, I have every form plugin and think this is my preference by far, my sites hardly have standard form elements and this gives all the flexibility I need!
Response by DeWebmakers on at
Thank you!

1.1.4 -

Review posted by intj on at

Formidable is simply fantastic!

I have tried a couple of form blocks add-ons and this one, by far, is the best. Form creation and form results export is very easy. I highly recommend this add-on.

2.0 -

Review posted by 3CGroup on at

Just as it is called Formidable

A must have extension for Concrete5 if you take forms serious.
Review posted by vincedelaking on at

In need of a form? This is your best pick.

When in need of a form with just a bit more than the standard C5 form options, this is definitely the one to go for. It comes with a ton of easy and self explaining options.

In short: Next level form building and superb support.

Tina Turner was right, this is simply the best(form builder).

2.0.1 -

Review posted by webpresso on at

Really cool Addon

Definitely a cool addon! As a webdesigner you get a great tool to configure simple and complex forms for your customers.
Review posted by pheynwithme on at

HORRIBLE Support - Don't waste your money.

I put two different support tickets regarding major issues about this module. That was over two weeks over. My tickets were archived because this developer never responded. I'll be requesting a refund.
Response by DeWebmakers on at
I'm sorry you feel this way. I did respond on both tickets and told you are on the TODO-list. I can't drop everything to help you out at once. Again sorry, I'll refund you asap.
Review posted by ZillionProductions on at

Great add-on and good support!

We recommend this add-on for its features and the support given by the developers.
Review posted by pigeelen on at

Excellent add-on

This add-on does exactly what I want. It has more features as Extended Form and is very easy in use. I highly recommend this add-on for those who want more as the standard form in C5.
Also the support is OK.

2.0.5 -

Review posted by bleenders on at

Great Extension

It's a huge improvement compared to to standard form module. You get everything you need to setup surveys, polls and complicated contact forms.
Support is fast, in a matter of 8 hours we got 2 updates which solved the problems we had.

2.0.8 -

Review posted by delusioninabox on at

Fantastic Add-on with Excellent Support!

I needed to upgrade my contact form with an add-on that would be very straight-forward and easy to use, but could also handle more complicated dependencies. Formidable works perfectly and allowed me to achieve exactly the type of form I wanted! It is a breeze to create any sort form you could possibly need and personalize precisely to your own needs.

Any issues I encountered were met with fast support and updates to resolve them. Highly recommended!

2.0.9 -

Review posted by Hypocrite on at

Powerful and easy to use add-on

We had a customer who needed a couple of very complex forms which were not possible to do with the core form block.

After reviewing different add-ons I decided to try Formidable.

Using the addon was very easy and straightforward. The add-on allows complex structures for forms.

Highly recommended.

2.0.11 -

Review posted by barkingtuna on at

Love it... just used it for a client website that had 14 unique forms

Pros: Does exactly what it says it will do and offers flexibility. I especially like the customization abilities for the response emails sent out after forms are submitted. This IS the form add-on that everyone should be using.

Cons: It's a bit buggy when you copy a form and then try and add a new Row/Column. It doesn't always add it at the bottom and sometimes adds it to an existing row as an additional column instead in its own row. But, the other benefits of this add-on FAR OUTWEIGH this one minor issue.

2.0.15 -

Review posted by amroberts2 on at

Great application but...

Great application but very poor follow up on support questions.

2.0.16 -

Review posted by PatrickHenry on at

A life saver, and then some...

Everyone knows forms suck. They're a pain to make, they're a pain to test, and they're a pain for the user.
Fortunately, Formidable helps ensure they suck less…ALOT LESS. So much so, it can actually make forms enjoyable for all parties.
Love this add-on. Super easy to use, and incredibly powerful. HTML email responses, Multi-Receipient email based on form inputs. Everything's well thought out and easy to use, both for the developer and the user.
I was initially impressed with the attention to detail. For example, it offers a "Reply-To" option that I haven't seen in any other c5 form builder. This is a BIG deal, esp. if you have to use a SMTP email setup b/c your response emails will always come from that email. Most forms auto-populate (or don't include) the "Reply-To" option, making it default to the "From" email. So in SMTP setup case, you have to monitor that email in case someone replies to it. But with Formidable you have the "Reply-To" option to counter this.
Excellent add-on. I'd give it more than 5-stars if I could.
Money well spent, and the support is phenomenal.

2.1 -

Review posted by DynamicFred on at

Well done!

This add-on does everything I want including sending emails to specific people based on the answers of the person completing the form.

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