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Cool improvements

The current version (1.1) now provides a variety of transition effects, and the pagination items are now structured as a clean html list with very detailed css classes, hence they can easily be styled as one likes. There is even a class for empty previous/next links to indicate that the beginning or the end of the list has been reached.
Very nice!
Review posted by okapi on at

Highly recommended

I find Front End List Magic extremely useful with large galleries where a pagination is needed. Most of the gallery add-ons in the marketplace do not provide such a feature, so Front End List Magic is the solution!

It's easy to configure, it can be easily customized and styled by custom templates and it offers nice additional features such as custom sorting and hiding items.

I have tested Front End List Magic with Jordan's Simple Image Gallery and Deluxe Image Gallery and i works like a charm!

Also, John's support is incredibly fast and helpful!

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