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Review posted by YDSsite on at

Doesn't work in all browsers.

This is a great plug-in… if only it worked in all browsers! Unfortunately, doesn't work in Safari, on desktop or on iPad/iPhone, so it's fairly useless.

It's nice that it's free, but I'd actually pay for this plug-in if it could be made cross-browser compatible.
Review posted by wreford on at

Stopped working, support missing, avoid for now.

v.2.0 -- It was a great gallery, simple to use and nice looking... but stopped working in various browsers after a year with no changes but upgrades to c5 core (would load thumbnails but not main images, tried different configs), difficult to debug. Avoid, or take your chances.
Review posted by emj on at

Large Images don't show in Chrome. Developer MIA

pitty... because it's simple and the best (while it was working)
Review posted by fryedesign on at

Broken and Developer is MIA

This plugin is broken in the current version of concrete5, and if you look at the support forums, the developer is not responding. I would highly recommend not using this block.
Review posted by beebs93 on at

Does its job well

One of the best free gallery addons. Easy to implement and for the client to use. Cheers!
Review posted by cursal on at

Simple and Effective

I have been playing with C5 for just about 2 years and each time I build a site this is the default gallery I alway start with either for a personal project or a clients.
Pretty easy to customize.

5 stars all the way.
Review posted by Multishow64 on at


Have used this addon with several client pages and its ease of use is really appreciated.. Great job!!!
Review posted by Vivid on at

Great job migrating galleria

This is a popular jQ gallery and you did a great job integrating it into C5. I'm giving it 4 stars though simply because it's galleria. I'm not a huge fan and it's a little quirky and slow sometimes. You did a great job integrating this, you should be migrating other sweet jQ stuff into C5 :)
Review posted by zoinks on at

Great Block - wish we could change thumbnail sizes

Great block, no complaints.


1. be nice if we could change thumbnail sizes to whatever we wanted. Tried everything in the view.css, etc. but it is not possible... which is very odd. Customization is pretty easy other than that.

2. ability to crop

3. ability to define compression of image with little preview window to see the quality.

2 and 3 are "pie-in-the-sky" dreams, but #1 seems like it should already be possible by default.
Review posted by cheatus on at


Very nice addon, gratz!

I've got a question actually .. is there possible to change quality of thumbnails ? I have large gallery and to be honest loading all the full quality thumbnails is pain in the ass :p

Best regards.
Review posted by madelyn on at

I like it

I like this gallery addon.

Me gusta mucho este módulo de galería, lo recomiendo a pesar de ser gratuito llena mis expectativas.
Review posted by wagdi on at


The magic is in it's simplicity, very elegant styling and smooth transitions. Thanks.
Review posted by jdsteknik on at

Thanks! + bug report

Without this plugin my site wouldn't look like much. And the latest version does work, in all 5 browsers, very elegantly too! Better than the gallerias that cost money that I tried.

The bug: Originally After each time I had been in "edit mode", the order on my 8 images always ended up random. Finally I changed the names to "1.jpg" through "8.jpg" (before, they were a bit longer, and had space in the names, which I thought could be the cause somehow). After that it worked great for a while. But after I tried changing image display size, the bug came back. Luckily I could just revert to the prev. version, or else I don't know how I would ever get the right order again. It's almost fun (or sad..) to watch how the images are re-ordered at complete random after each edit.

(Another minor issue is that the entire browser "blinks" for ½ sec when changing image sometimes, on more that one browser and PC, both were Win XP though; today on Win 7 I don't see it.)

Big thank you for the efforts anyway!

The site:
Review posted by Abs0lute on at

Wish it worked. . .

I can't give this add-on a good review. It doesn't work in c5
Support is horrible. It does seem to work in edit mode, but not when logged out and viewing as a normal user.
It's frustrating to have a nice feature like Galleria, which I've used as a stand-alone on on other sites for a while now.
But you expect it to work, and it doesn't, then you waste alot of time posting to the forums and researching how to get it to work, to no avail.
If I'd have know the amount of time I'd spend just trying to get it to work properly, I'd have just bought an image gallery add-on.
Don't tease, please. I know it's free, but if it doesn't work, what's the use, right.

Gave it another shot. Worked like a charm. Thank you so much!
Upgraded from 1 Start to 4.
This is the most elegant image gallery out there, but may I suggest allowing multiples on the same page? If the galleria has several rows of images, it gets hard to navigate b/c the thumbs take up so much room you can't see the pic w/o scrolling. Just a thought.
Killer job. . .killer add-on!
Review posted by xfix on at

Love it

It works perfect it`s the best free image gallery for concrete 5.

Review posted by benradler on at

Great, but NEEDS an update!!!

This block has been great to me for over a year, but recently I'm starting to have problems. I truly wish the developer would update it =]

My major glitch: with Adblock installed in Safari, the full-sized images don't load. The thumbnails show, but clicking on them does nothing. Who would've thought, it works fine in IE, Chrome, Firefox, even Opera.
Review posted by platypusman on at

Needs an update

I'm not sure if this Add-On is still being supported/developed, but I hope either the original author or someone else can improve and update it.

Some nice aspects: super easy to install and use, the fade effect is nice, the opacity effect on the thumbnails is really slick. Like that you can just click the image to move to the next one -- and the corresponding (active) thumbnail is highlighted automatically.

But I can't praise this as much as everyone else. I realize it's free and all, and overall it's pretty nice, but here are some issues that make it unusable for me:

1) Can't easily choose the size of the thumbnails

2) Thumbnails are not actually thumbnails but the full-sized images displayed at a small size -- which means all full-size images load right away and page loads are very slow. This was apparently by design so that there is no waiting to load each image, but is problematic on large galleries.

3) There is no interface for navigating the thumbnails -- e.g. a carousel or even simple horizontal scroller; thumbnails just keep stacking in row after row below the main image. So to select one, you scroll down, click it, then scroll back up to view the image, then scroll back down to select another one... etc. Bad usability. But the ability to simply click on the image to transition to the next one makes this less of an issue, I suppose.

4) Nothing resizes dynamically (to fit the screen/window size). So you have to set your image sizes pretty small (small enough to fit on a 1024 screen, anyway, with thumbnails below).

5) No easy way to change the transition.

6) No auto play (slideshow) mode.

Anyway, I don't want to list every defect, like I said it is a nice block, just needs some improvements/updates -- the script it's based on has come a long way since this was released. A couple examples (and be sure to resize the windows) :

More here:
Review posted by Insiston on at

A Foundation type block!

This is like a core block, something nearly everyone needs and it works great.

Appreciate very much your work!

Review posted by cbasservices on at


Downloaded it, installed, added a few images and bang done.

I have a huge grin on my face right now :)

Thanks for the add-on.
Review posted by abstracts on at


Thank you - this is a great block that does what I want and looks really nice. Just what I need.
Review posted by defunct on at


Just had a quick project that needed a simple gallery and this did just the trick.

Excellent work.
Review posted by yalla on at

Love it, but...

This feature is fantastic for what it is: a free yet beautiful-looking gallery that's very versatile (aesthetically). However, it's not ideal when you have a large library. It could've been perfect had it had a scroll tab to let the user just sift through the images by clicking on a forward or backward button...but that doesn't warrant the $55 the guys who made Flash gallery are asking for.
Review posted by moth on at

I like it

Very useful. However, I found it a little tricky to apply my design to it - there's a few too many assumptions made about thumbnail width/height+margins, and I had to edit a few hard-coded attributes.

Other than that, it still saved me loads of time!
Review posted by synlag on at


Wonderful gallery!
Review posted by chawki on at

Thank you.

Just want to thank you for the excellent block. Very well done and easy to use. Beautiful.
Review posted by bryanlewis on at


Free, nice, easy... couldn't ask for more! exactly what the marketplace needed! Thanks for the work and the great gift!
Review posted by KathleenH on at


This is a really beautiful image gallery which blends in with my theme perfectly. So easy to add more images or change the order they appear. Love it!

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