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Review posted by Unfamillia on at

Perfect! Spot on!

This a great little add on. The developer is really great to talk to and super fast at answering questions. I have purchased one of his themes and this little add on just compliments it. I can't recommend Marti enough.

Check out my site to see how it looks.
Response by marticps on at
Thank you very much, really appreciate it!!


Before 1.0

Review posted by DianaAyub on at

nice add-on

I like this add-on :) I think there's room for development though. Maybe there could be an option to choose an image for hovering over links instead of the image we choose automatically turning into a pointer over a link.
Response by marticps on at
But the Add-On description says exactly what does it do... you have to review about this, not about the things it does not do...

Maybe in a few weeks if I have less work to do I will improve it.
Sorry for my english,

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