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Review posted by richardjh on at

Does a good job

Displays code clearly.

Creates links from keywords to documentation which is a really great feature (unfortunately not now working for MySQL due to changes to documentation site).

You have to manually break lines to fit in with your site if the code examples contain long lines. A useful feature would be if you could change font size or select word wrap when adding content.
Review posted by MysteriousCleon on at

It works perfectly.

Very useful add-on.
Review posted by JohntheFish on at

Dead useful

I haven't used it yet to post code samples, but have found it a useful development tool and also as a library resource called from within some of my own debug and diagnostic code.
Review posted by focus43 on at


Does what is says it does perfectly, and with lots of languages. You rock remo.
Review posted by tallacman on at


If you post code on your site this block will save the day. It styles a HUGE number of languages, most of which I've never heard (who's ever heard of 'Brainfuck', seriously?).

I've modified the controller.php file and the form.php file to better suit my personal needs (I've changed the default language to css instead of php). I've posted a how to if you are interested at

Thank you, Remo (and geshi, whoever you are).
Review posted by mikewilsonuk on at

Nice, but dialog too large

This is a very useful add-on which gives a professional presentation to code snippets. Only problem is that the input dialog is too tall for my laptop screen. I wonder if there's a way of changing it?
Review posted by synlag on at

great block

nice, it directly links to its docs;

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