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Not sure if I'm just not figuring something out but, I noticed that when you create an event it does not automatically create a page for the event details. So if I specify a page for the event to be associated with and then click the event in the calendar it goes to that page but it's blank. Do I have to create a page for every event with the same details I enter into the dashboard controller? Or am I just missing a step?

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ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply
You're right.

This does not automatically create pages, though you can associate calendar items with pages, or you can link to pages externally, so this is inherently more flexible.

If you want a page for every event, then you can also go over and create a page_type for your events, create those pages, and then they will automatically show up on a calendar if a calendar is created that looks for page_types that you had created.

So, sort of.

There is also the option of adding pages under a certain page for a calendar, and you can mix and match all of these too, though all of this stuff is handled in the calendar creation page in the dashboard.

Often for recurring events you can just clone the event and change the date if they aren't recurring exactly right.

So with this option the idea of creating a page just to put something on a calendar to me gets messy, some people want it..some don't, so there is an option.

How about if I added something where it creates a stub page based on the settings for the calendar, not implicit but for those like you that want those stub pages then that could be an option?
Krock replied on at Permalink Reply
Okay thank you.
I wouldn't say you had to make that happen anytime soon, but future version may be nice. I don't even know if the client cares too much about that option, I just have to make sure what the calendar can and cannot do ahead of time. I personally like the details in a lightbox pop-up, because it makes it easier.

The only issue I can see with this is that the events are not searchable, only the calendar is. So it might be nice eventually to get that to work.

Thanks for getting back so soon. Everything else on the cal works great!

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