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I wonder if I can set the first day of week to Monday? Currently the week in the month view starts with Sunday. This is not common here (in Switzerland), that's why I would like to change that.

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rayjohn66 replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you ever get a fix for this? Most of my events are on the weekend.
uhebeisen replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, we get support from ChadStrat to have this changed.
It depends on the type of calendar that you are using and you have to make modification of certain PHP files. We have also changed the names of the day-of-week and the month names to german. Well almost every thing is now to our needs.


you may have a look at to see it in action
rayjohn66 replied on at Permalink Reply
That was helpful, thanks. I see your using Chad's proevents package. I'm using a different package ICAL which has some different js but I do like how your calender works with the tooltip and all.
uhebeisen replied on at Permalink Reply
oops, I have overseen that: you posted this from the calendar item Add-on.
We have first installed this Add-on but then we needed advanced features like colored categories, etc.
That was the time when we switched to ProEvents. I have to say that dealing with international time and date formats is a little bit messy in c5. In ProEvents we had to do this changes on a calendar view by calendar view base which takes quite some time. And if there is once an update to this Add-on we have to apply all the changes we made again.

Regarding this point concrete5 could still improve.
rayjohn66 replied on at Permalink Reply
I was able to find the parameter in the js file to make my changes, and it will apply to all calendars but the colors have some issues that I hope can get resolved.

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