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Unfortunately we now can't access support requests and resolutions past 30 days, so I can't see how the previous "iCal Timezone" request was responded to.

I'm have an issue where the iCal link downloads a .ics file where all of the times are 6 hours ahead of what they should be. They show fine in the calendar block, they're just all 6 hours ahead in the iCal .ics download.

I've got the calendar set up to show and event page type rather than a calendar item, so I'm using the Item Calendar starting Date/Time and Item Calendar Ending Date/Time attributes (which I believe are hidden page attributes?). Not sure if that makes a difference. My site is set to CST.

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kspitzley replied on at Permalink Reply
Well, I ended up figuring this out myself. I went into the scottc_items_calendar\tools folder and created a custom ical.php file that removed the "Z" from the DTSTAMP, DTSTART, and DTEND lines (lines 33-35). The modified code looks like this:

DTSTAMP:<?php  echo date("Ymd\THi00", strtotime($i->start)).PHP_EOL; ?>
DTSTART:<?php  echo date("Ymd\THi00", strtotime($i->start)).PHP_EOL; ?>
DTEND:<?php  echo date("Ymd\THi00", strtotime($i->end)).PHP_EOL; ?>

I then loaded the new ical.php file into the root level tools folder so it would override the one in the package.

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