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Jobs Job

Sometimes a job gets left in a running state, so preventing the job from being run again. This could happen because:

  • There is a fault in the job
  • The job runs past server limits
  • A network failure
  • Something totally random

This addon installs a job that re-enables jobs left in a running state. Jobs Job can be configured through a config/site parameter to act on individual jobs or all jobs. See the documentation for more details.

Install and run Jobs Job once to re-enable a job following a specific issue, or run it regularly to make sure marginal jobs can always be run when next scheduled. If running regularly, it is best to use cron or FlexJob Scheduler.

WARNING - A job may be stuck in a running state for a very good reason - there could be a serious issue with that job. Indiscriminately re-enabling such a job will not cure the issue.

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