Kino's import users


This add-on allows you to import multiple users from csv file at once.
And if you can also import additional infomation about users. 

How to use

  • At first, please uplaod the package to /packages/ directory.
  • Go to dashboard and click "add functionality",and then install "Kino's import users".
  • Then, click "Users and Groups",and you can see the new tab named "Import Users",so click it.
  • Choose your csv file and upload it.
  • Click "import". That's all!

  • CSV file format

    Please use ","(comma) as a separator.

    Write each user's info in this order in each line.
    username,e-mail address,password

    and save it.

    CSV format example:

    user1,[email protected],password1
    user2,[email protected],password2
    user3,[email protected],password3


    CSV format example extra:




    This add-on was made by Kino(An expert programmer in Japan.)
    (Takezo is his agent for user support in English.)


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