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Review posted by bernardmarketing on at

Great Product A++

This is exactly what I needed to help a client allow for a membership service. Very easy to use. You will need to enable user registration and use advanced permissions to give access to the certain group(s) that can access it.

The customer service has been awesome. He's answered all of of my questions and really helped me out.

I wish there was an option where instead of a membership duration you could have a membership 'renewal date' where on a certain date all members had to renew their membership. I believe James said something like this is on his 'to do' list. I think this can be achieved by using the 'remove the user from this group' under user User Groups in the Dashboard. What I wonder is if the someone went back in and resubscribed if they would have to re enter in all of their information?

Final note: this is a great product and gives me great hope for concrete5.
Review posted by brechtryckaert on at

Just what I needed!

I was looking for a membership plugin and I found this nifty plugin as a freshly released add-on. I have to compliment the developer on his very fast and good support. The day after I purchased the add-on, I opened 2 seperate tickets which were both resolved within the same day. The add-on does require you to use the documentation as it works quite differently than you would expect. The only thing which I would like to see added to the documentation is more info on how to create a "join now"-link. This took me some figuring out.

But besides that, this is a great add-on which you simply can't miss out on.
Response by jshannon on at
Thanks for the review. I think it was only one ticket. :)

Feel free to PM me with "what you would expect". As these things often are, it's 100% intuitive to me as I built it, but I'm definitely open to making it easier to user, or documenting it better, or maybe a video...

1.0.2 -

Review posted by sproutbarry on at

Great product, great support.

Easy to configure and well documented. The transactions weren't appearing in the Dashboard but James responded to the support requests within minutes, fixed the issue and had a new version up to patch the problem in maybe thirty minutes start to finish.

The product is very good and I was very impressed with the support response.

2.0.3 -

Review posted by jero on at

Works Well

Does what it says on the tin. I had a problem getting it to work at first, but that was down to the client's Paypal account not having a verified email address.

The developer provided excellent support in quick time and I'd have no problem recommending this addon.

Just make sure to verify your Paypal email address!
Review posted by FumitoMIZUNO on at

Simple, Easy to Use

This is a simple addon.
It's easy to use for everyone.

Review posted by mrowell on at

Great Add-On -- Works perfectly.

James was very patient answering our pre-sales questions and requests for modifications (which in the end were not required once we combined Lerteco Membership with Register User Pro).

We now have a very functional and robust system for allowing us to collect a joining fee from new members and place them to a specific group.

Highly Recommended. Thanks James.

2.2.0 -

Review posted by jmfb on at


I started a website in 5.7 and bought this package. It did not work, I then read reviews after (instead of before) and read people not happy with an apparent lack of support for the plug in.
After getting a refund, I then purchased the only other option for paid group memberships. To my dismay, the plug in did not include a permanent membership option....only subscription types that have expiry dates. The 'developer' wasn't willing to add what I needed to the plug in. I tried to find someone to modify it and that was a complete nightmare.

I decided to rebuild my website with v5.6 and bought this plug in again because of it's great reviews. I am SO happy that I have finally gotten the functionality I needed out of a paid plug in. At this point in time, to get this sort of functionality on your website if you're new to website building (as I am), Concrete 5.6 and THIS plug in is the way to go!!!
Review posted by designserve on at

Absolutely brilliant!

This is a superb addon that works exactly as I expected. Easy to set up and simple to understand. Of course you must read the docs but I also appreciate that the documentation is incorporated into the dashboard. I have no hesitation in recommending this addon and would also add that the devloper is responsive and professional. The addon has made it very simple for my users to sign up for a year's membership or lifetime membership of my website, for now, and I can think of many more uses that I'll have in the near future. I've had no glitches whatsoever. I set it up with two products (one year and lifetime), tested each one once and my members were signing up within an hour of going live. Can't fault it! I have been using the addon for several months so my review has some experience behind it.

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