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Works well and developer is helpful and responsive


Support has been fantastic! I think, if you read the rest of my review, all issues have been solved and the kind developer has been exceptionally helpful in getting them resolved and taking an interest in feedback. Well worth the investment.


Works as advertised and without too many issues. In fact, no show stoppers. Installation was simple and the blocks are well designed to fit nicely in a variety of themes.

My biggest qualm is that once a link is entered you have to manually return to the link list to add a new one.

Also, selecting "approve" when creating a link has no effect. You have to either select and re-submit after first submitting the link itself, or approve it on the admin-list page. (Fixed as of my update!)

Finally, the submission date is always December 31st, 1969. This initially doesn't seem like a big deal, until you realise that setting the block to show links "newest" first will have no effect and thus a serious but not world-ending bug. (Fixed shortly after my review!)

I'd also like to be able to add a "tag" or two to each link and optionally display that tag.

Is it worth $35? Yes. If you want an easy way to post links and have them update on your site: absolutely. It works well and is very simple to use.
Response by Tony on at
I just uploaded a new version that fixes the date issue, version 1.14. Looks like this was only happening when adding a new listing through the dashboard, but not via the front-end block. btw, in the future if you happen catch similar bugs like this, please create a support ticket to let me know, thanks!
Review posted by foiseworth on at


Great product - does exactly what it says and support was fast and efficient!
Review posted by myactivechild on at

Great Add-On

Love what this add-on can do, it has saved me tons of time! Can't say enough about it or the product support I got from Tony with Link List and Link System. Thanks so much!
Review posted by samuelbarney on at

Setting the Standard

As always great addons from Tony/Inner Optics great job man.

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