By default in concrete5 you can specify where all users are redirected to after they login by going to:
Dashboard > System & Settings > Login & Registration > Login Destination, then selecting the appropriate options from the "Redirect users to..." section.

The Login Redirect addon allows you to do three additional things:

  1. Redirect specific users to a specific page
  2. Redirect specific users to a specific page on their next visit only.
  3. Redirect users to specific pages based on what groups their in.

Setting the attributes

The Login Redirect addon will add two new user attributes to your system: "Redirect to on login" and "Redirect to on next Login"

You can set these by going to: Dashboard > Members > Search Users then filtering the list by group, username/Email Address etc.  Once you get the list of users that you want to set redirect options for, click the checkboxes (or select all by clicking the checkbox in the column header), then click Edit Properties.

Then you'll be able to set values for the selected user's attributes:


The example above shows page paths entered into the attributes, you can also enter the cID of a certain page, or a full url like

Using Groups

It is possible to force groups to redirect to a certain page on login.  A user's individual redirect attribute will take precedence over a group-based redirect.  

To set group-based redirects, go to Dashboard > Members > Login Redirect.


From here you can select a group, path and priority for the redirect.


The standard page and group selectors are used to pick which group goes to which page.  The "Priority" number is used if a user belongs to more than one group with redirects.  A group can only have one active redirect at once.