Version History

Always update Magic Data before updating this addon.

1.5 - php7 compatibility1

.4.7 - Internal API changes.

1.4.6 - New symbols LOG and DEBUG_LOG - END_DEBUG_LOG for control within expressions of what gets logged.

1.4.5 - Re-factoring and extension of symbols relating to block types. Sites and developers using symbols named '...BLOCK_TYPE...' should check expressions are unaffected.

1.4.4 - Improve context returned from subexpressions.

1.4.3 - Remove unnecessary dependency on BMD mistakenly introduced by v1.4.2.

1.4.2 - New symbols for checking php function and class existence. Useful for quickly checking a php installation from the symbol tester.

1.4.1 - New documentation blocks for Uber List and Uber Filter. Documentation blocks can now filter by package and provide templates for minimal lists. New symbols for listing blocks. - Fix issue with core asset loading for front end documentation blocks when help integration is enabled.

1.3 - Integrates symbol source code viewer with the Magic Data symbol tester, symbol documentation and symbol help. Optionally integrates with Syntax Anywhere to highlight the symbol source code view.

1.2 - Support of source view for symbol tester and docs pages.

1.1.1 - Version number update to comply with new marketplace linter.

1.1 - Minor internal changes to take advantage of recent updates to Magic Data.

1.0 - Initial release