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Review posted by brandonx49 on at

That was easy

As the documentation describes it's a big hassle to keep website meta tags and titles up to date let alone tedious process of custom writing each one. Once I added the Add-on to my Default pages, configured it and updated my child pages, what would have taken me a hours took just a few minutes. Value 10, Time saved 11!
Review posted by maar on at

Cool way to generate heddings, titles and meta descriptions,

At Maar Grafisk AV in Denmark we have committed us to translate add-ons for Concrete5. But only the add-ons that we think has marketing value and added functionality that really make Concrete5 even better and easier to use.
And with "Magic Heading" there is no doubt that this is the case.
If you need a function with a lot of options to automatic generate your headings, page titles and meta descriptions. Then this add-on is just for you.
"Magic Heading" is just a really good tool that makes editing web pages that much easier.


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