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Maps for Page List+

Utilizing the power of Page List+, you can now create Google maps that show properly configured pages on a map. The map points can use various options, such as:

  • Marker Display
    • Google standard bubbles
    • Custom image from the file manager
    • Custom image from a file attribute for the page
    • Custom image from a url
    • With or without titles
  • Marker Functionality; clicking the marker can:
    • Open a standard InfoWindow
    • Open a web address
    • Run a JavaScript function

The map itself has many configuration options:

  • Zoom controls
    • Position of the control
    • Size of the control
    • Default zoom level
    • Use of the scrollwheel to zoom
  • Drag and pan options
    • Turn off dragging (useful on mobile devices)
    • Position of the panning control
  • Map Type; show street maps, satellite or hybrid


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