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Review posted by myFullFlavour on at

Nearly three weeks for support..

..and still waiting. Yep, that's a 1 star from me.
Response by elyon on at

There seems to be something wrong with the response email system. I sent you an email two hours ago, but now I see that the PM system hasn't registered it in my outbox. Frustrating.

Here is the content of the message you should have received:

Hi Jesse,

I am very sorry! I am not sure what happened here. Just last night I was going back through all of my Concrete emails, to make sure I absolutely had not missed anything. I feel very ashamed to see that you had not received a response for more than two weeks.

I remember writing responses, but I can see under support that nothing is listed. I recently changed operating systems, so maybe it got stuck in an outbox?

Do you know if Android supports H.264 video with play controls, like iOS? Regrettably, the script looks up the device by name, since Apple spoofs Flash detection scripts to offer false positives. If HTML5 would work better than Flash on Android's browser, we can add its user agent to the HTML5 list.

I'm not sure why the video is not appearing in Chrome on Mac ... I do know that H.264 is somewhat buggy compared to FLV, and there's a nasty "video does not appear" bug that's followed the player as a result, under rare circumstances. Do you have a URL I can visit to test?

-- Sent from my Palm Pre
Review posted by jleinbaugh on at

Exactly what I expected

Just what I was hoping for - a simple way to display a set of images, videos or audio. Love that it has html5 support for iphones. Support has been quick and responsive.
Review posted by luan on at

Not what I expect.

I think this add on is too much, especially they don't deliver what they promised; no-thumbnail images for audio. There's no documentation. I still don't totally understand how to put a vimeo or youtube video on there. If only there was a demo page where I could sign in and see all the feature for myself, I know I would have reconsidered buying this.
Response by elyon on at
luan was later really satisfied after I helped him add Vimeo and YouTube videos, and helped illustrate how the add-on works. It's unfortunate that he didn't come back to update his rating...
Review posted by BigBobbyD on at

Nice add-on, great support

Bought this for a client who wanted to showcase his work as a commercial sound-designer and composer and so needed to play mp3's and video.

My client was very pleased with how easy this made things for him, and Joshua was a prince helping me get everything working for the iPhone.

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