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Page Importer

THIS ADDON IS NO LONGER BEING ACTIVELY DEVELOPED OR SUPPORTED DUE TO THE PERMANENT CLOSURE OF GOLDHAT MARKETING GROUP. If you are a developer who might like to take over maintenance of the addon please contact Joel Milne through my profile here on C5 https://www.concrete5.org/profile/-/view/97058/


Page Importer provides both export and import of C5 pages including all of their content areas and attributes. It's as simple as pressing 2 buttons, one to export your page as XML and another to import your page XML. Suppose you have a local and production version of your site, and you have made some changes to a page on the local version. With Page Importer you just export your page as XML from the local version of the site, and paste the page XML into the Page Importer form on the production site. No need to reproduce any content editing or changes to other admin work.

Page Importer makes a new version of your imported page before attempting to import so if importing fails you can restore your previous version of the page. Page Importer may be unable to import certain blocks or attributes created by addons in some circumstances. 

Make New Pages Using XML Imports

Page Importer can also be used to create new pages. Just take the XML from 1 existing page and copy/paste and edit it. Repeating this process you can make 5 or 10 new pages quite quickly.

Licensing for Multiple Sites

If you plan to use Page Importer on 2 entirely different production sites you will need 2+ licenses. A single license will cover exporting pages from a local version and importing pages at the production or staging version of the same site. 

Known Limitations

Homepage Core Blocks

4 core blocks cause errors during import of a site's homepage, these are DateNav, Form, Next/Previous Nav, Slideshow. We are working on a fix to this issue. For now if you can either remove the blocks from the page during export, or remove the block definition from the XML before page import. 

Addon Blocks

Not all addon blocks will be included in page exports due to different methods for storing data. Most will export basic data but some settings may not be exported. 

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