Page List Maps and Geocode

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Create maps from your page lists as well as single location maps.

Some implementation ideas:

  • Show all branch locations for your business: Add a page list on your page, add location information to pages shown in the list, add the map template.
  • Add a map to a stack and place that stack to the sidebar of your pages. The location shown on the map is updated for each page.

This addon includes this functionality:

  • Page List block template for displaying results as a map
  • Page List Map settings block to control how your Page List Map is shown
  • Coordinates attribute type with latitude, longitude and elevation
  • Geocode Map block for displaying the current page location on a map
  • Configure your site to update coordinates from an address (or an address from given coordinates) when saving objects such as pages, users, or files.
Current Version: 1.1.4
License: Standard
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