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Review posted by mostrim on at

Page Mapper

Only bought this today and tried it out but it's almost great. I am working on a tourism project for my hometown and plan to use page mapper to show other attractions in the region. I have a couple of issues with the add on though (submitted via the support page) otherwise I'd give it five stars.
Just adding that thanks to the developer the problem I was having has been solved and I am finding this add-on well worth the money. Thanks for the support.
Review posted by garyjhills on at

Nice block but needs some work

The idea of the block is great and its basic functionality is ok but it really does need some work.

Pop ups should be set to close when another map item is clicked and then centered. Width of pop ups is not working properly and should be set to automatically re-size with the content. Map directions should have a co-ordinates option as well.

Just my thoughts but other than those it is quite nice. Support is very slow to respond though.
Review posted by kspitzley on at

Very useful addon for a modest price

This is a nice add on for a great price, very easy for clients to use, and I have actually received multiple support responses the same day I posted them (mostly I was asking how to accomplish a custom task). The only out-of-the box issue is a very minor display issue in the back end, otherwise everything worked right away as advertised.
Review posted by plindelauf on at

Good add-on, but no reply to any support request

First of all: I like Page Mapper. It works just fine for what I need it. There is one problem, though: setting the pop-up width in the map does not work. I've tried three ways to contact the author: forum, bug tracker and direct message. No response whatsoever. So that is kind of worrying...
Review posted by webinstinct on at

Dang. Perfect.

Scott, you've done it again. This add-on is so well done and just saved me a bunch of headache from developing KML files myself AND allowing my client to edit the map(s) themselves. Great job!

My only feedback would be a little more specified directions. For example, I didn't realize I needed to click the "Look Up Location" button. I just put in my address, saved the map location. Couldn't figure out why it wasn't centering in my map. I also had the zoom issue, which I found addressed in support. A few key instructions in the back end would alleviate some of these (minor) headaches.

But awesome job. Highly recommended!
Review posted by stuarth123 on at

Amazing Value Add-on and great support!

This add on is awesome, worked great straight away and saved me a ton of time!

I asked Scott a cheeky question to help me change the position of the controls and he emailed me back quickly with instructions, which was great as it was not listed as part of the functionality of the block so I wasn't expecting such a detailed response.

Definitely worth the money.
Review posted by drbiskit on at

Great add-on - A really useful piece of functionality.

This is a great add-on. If you need to have a custom Google map, and you want to integrate some of C5's lovely core functionality this is for you. It's got a well thought out architecture, nice UI, and seems very robust. Saved me a whole stack of time having to build something from scratch.

Great support too - I had a couple of small requests that were dealt with quickly, efficiently and in a friendly manner.

Good work - Recommended add-on!

Before 2.0

Review posted by samuelbarney on at

Ease of Use

Was somewhat disappointed in the limited feature list but with the "I want it all now" attitude that resides w/ myself not reading the full list of functionality. I gave this 3/5 because I think it's a great starter addon as for it being a 'page mapper' that doesn't seem to connect with the non-existent icon link. Other than that it's great for smaller/personal websites.
Review posted by 76West on at

Page Mapper = Great C5 Add-On

This is an awesome Add-On for C5.

Makes adding Google Maps so straight forward, you'll be able to hand this off to your client with confidence that it's a solid solution.

The custom map icon is a great way to continue program and identity throughout your site(s)

I gave it 5 stars because that's all there is. I would rate it higher if I could.
Response by ScottC on at
Thank you. This is a really neat block, I'll have to get a resetting demo up to show just how cool it is.

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