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Review posted by Powerhousedynamics on at

Echo those who say great add-on!

So easy, avoids setting up needless landing pages, but still keeps SEO qualities.
Review posted by lackadaize on at

Great Add-on

Does the just just fine. Should really be part of the core.
Review posted by rainmaker on at


Another reviewer said that this should be in the Core and I totally second that. A great addon! A little funky in earlier versions of IE, but if you make the page redirect while in Edit mode, that fixes it.

SUPER easy, super awesome!!!!
Review posted by lackadaize on at

great add-on

This should be in the core. super simple and gets the job done.
Review posted by drbiskit on at

Just brilliant

So useful, so simple, I pretty much use this on every project - should be part of the core.

Good work, and thanks for providing this for free - it would be worth paying for!
Review posted by ellahorswell on at

Great little add-on

Does what it says on the tin. Free too. Great add-on.
Review posted by webadminfl on at

Perfect Solution for My Needs

I had links in the breadcrumbs that were placeholder-only tabs in the main navigation. This app allowed me to redirect the links to other pages. It was so easy that I redirected and tested the linked pages in a few minutes. Thanks!
Review posted by Pixelfixer on at

Simply Perfect! (simple tool, perfect execution)

Does exactly what it says it does and very well I must add! Make sure you install the Page Selector Attribute FIRST and then it works simply and flawlessly! Thanks for providing this Mnkras!
Review posted by igrieves on at

Saved my ass

When the 'Dont link in navigation' attribute didn't work, this did the job straightaway. Tt was easy to install too. Thanks guys!
Review posted by clintre on at

Works well and is easy

Does what it is supposed to and doesn't get in the way.
Review posted by dimebagsteel on at


Does exactly what it should.
I had to install it manually, but this isn't too difficult (i'm a C5 noob), you just have to copy and paste the folder in the "package" folder of your site. Keep in mind you have to install the "Page selector attribute" first to get it work.
Thanks for this addon.
Review posted by leinteractive on at


Does exactly what it should do! This is perfect!
Review posted by 6glcorp on at

Simple & Perfect

very nice integration with page attributes. Redirects when trying to edit the page too, so there's no room for mistakes
Review posted by globalnerds on at

Not bad

If you are not familiar with editing your .htaccess file, then this would be a good choice for you. I personally like utilizing the .htaccess file and find that easier to use than this add on
Review posted by zoinks on at

Awesome and so easy

When I first read the instructions and downloaded it, I was a little confused as to how it worked because there is really nothing to it.

1. download page_redirect and unzip
2. download page_selector_attribute and unzip
3. FTP both into /packages
4. In Dashboard, go to Add Functionality and Install the 2 packages
5. In Sitemap (or Edit mode of any page), click Properties and add the Attribute Page_Redirect from the dropdown
6. Select the page you want to link to
7. Hit save


Great job!
Review posted by buurvrouw on at

great for sites with sections

I used this addon for a site containing 2 sections without having a portal-page as home.
Redirecting the homepage to the default section works great!
Review posted by elyon on at

Works great!

I wanted to add a redirect to my personal site, and was just about to implement it myself using an attribute (like I have done in the past) when I decided to check and see if there was an add-on already which could take care of it.

I am glad I looked. This works seamlessly! I just added both your add-ons to my cart, checked out, assigned them to my site, then clicked install on the site dashboard and I was good to go.

The only thing I needed to hunt to find was how to get rid of the "index.php/" in the URL. The best solution is to add this to /config/site.php if pretty URLs are working fine on your server:

define('URL_REWRITING_ALL', true);

Might be great if this was mentioned on the add-on page to make it easier for others to find. Thanks!
Response by Mnkras on at
Thanks Elyon!

sure ill add that to the documentation section
Review posted by jordanlev on at


Nice and simple, performs a useful function in a smart way. I have required this functionality in a few different situations -- most commonly, when I want to include a navigation menu item that doesn't actually go to a page but instead brings up another page (kind of like having a page alias, except this will allow you to have different page names for each one). Another useful situation is when you are redesigning an old site and some of the information on old pages has been moved to new pages -- you will want to include this at the old address and tell it to redirect to the new address so you don't lose any "google juice" (search rankings) that the old page had.

Thanks Mnkras!

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