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Review posted by PatrickCassidy on at

Great solution to include a lot of information on one page!

This add-on is a simple and excellent solution for websites that require a lot of information on one page.

This add-on would suit websites that have Frequently Asked Questions, where you might want to display 20 questions but have them all in a collapsed state on first load, allowing the visitor to click on only the questions they want to reveal more information on.

The Tabs option could suit eCommerce websites on individual product pages where you might want to show a bunch of information relating to a product (e.g. 'Dimensions', 'Warranty', 'Video', 'Spare Parts' etc) without having to make the visitor search and scroll down a long list to find the information they are after.

Thumbs up!

(and thanks for the update to disable active item on collapse templates).

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