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We bought this add on and had a question about initial setup. The developer said "I cannot help you with this," and has never responded again. I even sent an email through his website. Never responded. I will pursue a refund.

Before 2.0.0

Review posted by shwaydogg on at

Necessity for C5 eCommerce!

This addon was exactly what I needed and Chad provided excellent support when I thought there was an issue.

Concrete5 core commerce does NOT support quantity updates, the field exists but as noted in the core commerce video it does NOT update on when a purchase is made! I would not have been able to use c5 or had to write something on my own if not for Product Multi Inventory Addon. And I haven't even gotten into the multi option part of it!

If you need to make sure that you don't oversell a product you need this addon.

Now if we could only have a different price for each option... ;)
Review posted by aghouseh on at

A bit buggy

Configuration and implementation seem fine, but there is no check to prevent a customer from over-ordering an item's available quantity and any sort of support request on the matter has not been responded to.
Response by RadiantWeb on at
sorry we missed your request. on other notes....your website is the most bizzar thing I have ever personally layed eyes on. I'm kind of scared of you. lol
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Invalueable addon for e-commerce site

A great addition to the e-commerce addon… Does exactly what I required. Very easy set up and use. Thanks Chad Great work

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