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Review posted by lackadaize on at

Loved it

Clients love it. Fast Support. Radiant Web Rules.

Before 3.0.0

Review posted by Hoopergraphics on at

Works quite well

This is a handy little Add-on if you want to add a news feature on your home page.

You can specify the thumbnail to show, add specific text to display on the home page feed or have a certain amount of characters from the main story. It then automatically links to the main news article, and images etc.

It has two flaws, one is you cannot specify the alt tag for the thumbnail image, it just says "thumbnail image", but I believe Chad is working on this for the next update.

Also when adding text in the main area, it doesn't allow you to add images on the first attempt. You need to save it, then go back and image images, but once you do that it works well.
Makes it nice and easy for people unsure about adding news articles to a website.
Review posted by aleamio on at

ProNews saved me from redoing my News Site for the 10th time

I re-designed my News Site 9 times and reinstalled concrete5 six times in a span of 3 weeks because I kept messing it up trying to get what I wanted.

The changes were too frequent that my site got bad reviews from Linkedin followers.

That's all behind me now. My site has been up for a full week now. I am happy. My followers are happy.

Thanks Chad. Thanks ProNews.

Redid my news
Review posted by rydeaussi on at

Its Great!

I agree Janet. Works a treat for us. I just administer a club swimming site. So i needed a package i could easily show others how to use without going to the front end. it makes adding, editing, deleting, archiving news consistent and repeatable. And i just got great support from Chad for an issue that occurred in the last update.
Review posted by JustDucky on at

I think it's great

Not sure what that guy's problem is. I wanted a dashboard integration for news that is stupid easy to use, and I got that.

I'm very happy with this product and would recommend it for anyone that needs more than just some front end blocks.

I for one don't care how it's made. I just want to be easy and work!

Review posted by bsmschool on at

Easily replicated with Page Types and Attributes. Not enough functionality to justify the price.

Nothing more than a repackaged page list block, a new page type and a few attributes.

This is basically a new page type, a few page attributes, a dashboard page which assists in adding pages (which can be done manually the same way any other page is added), and a VERY slightly modified version of the Page List block.

Functionality can be replicated by simply creating your own page type, adding page attributes for News Date, News Description, Tags and News Category (which in this add-on cannot contain multiple selections, only one category per news story), adding the pages below another page, and then using the standard Page List block to show them.

The only unique features of this add-on are the Category selector in the modified Page List block, and the backend page add tool, which allows you to create a page and add the content in the same step. The Easy News add-on, which is free, is almost exactly the same in this respect.

I also purchased the Simple News block from the same developer, which is a far more useful and user-friendly add-on for half the price.
Review posted by proteque on at

pronew, really not that pro.

Quite simple so the name may fool you. I was really thinking this was more than it was when I bought it.
Review posted by bryanlewis on at

Great Developer Support

Chad is a great developer. Even when you make dumb mistakes and have to ask him what's going on. He still responds in a nice manner!

Thanks Chad for this block and your support on it! Really made my life a lot easier and made me want to keep supporting you and your add-on developments!

This is a great block that does what it needs to do! Most of the bugs are worked out and it continues to get better with every update!
Review posted by DueSoft on at

Work very well ...

... and minor issues were fixed within just a few hourr. Great support!!!
Review posted by DeWebmakers on at


Works great! Just add your newsitems through the dashboard. Users don't need to think about where to put the newsitems.

You can't do wrong here. Very nice..

Thanks Chad!

3.0.0 - 3.0.1

Review posted by catslikeus on at

Not bad, lets see more features

The dashbaord interface is quite nice for managing the news. Most of the features can be found in easy news for free... Purchased this as a package with the excellent pro blog and events, so can't really complain about the price.

Some added features would make this stand out, would love to see:
- images in the rss feed
- a calendar-like list for the sidebar on the news pages
- access to tags in the dashboard news entry editor (have to edit these in page properties now, apparantly
- ability to set start/stop dates that the pagelist (and rss) would respect, to be able to do times posts.

Keep up the good work Chad!!
Review posted by clovisusd on at

Absolute best CMS block I've seen...

This tool is well worth the $25 if you do any sort of content management that you want to post on a schedule. It's more than just news stories...the applications for this block are really only limited by what you can come up with.
Review posted by garethhowell on at

Good, but confusing when seen alongside ProBlog

I started to use this module to enable "normal" users to create newsy content on a website I am developing.

I tried several ways to make it easy to create content, but eventually switched to using the ProBlog module instead.

It's not ProNews itself, but ProBlog is far easier for the casual user to use (IMHO)
Review posted by ellahorswell on at

Nice solid News tool

Nice solid tool.
Would be great to see something for spotlight news so a 1/2 news listing where you could pick a specific item of news!
Review posted by OnsiteDesigner on at

Absolutely Brilliant - The only news addon worth using

I now have this running on many sites, all super smooth.

Chad offers great support and has been superb watching this from version 1 constantly improving!
Review posted by clintre on at

Works well and easy to get going

Pretty happy with this news package. Easy to get setup and going. It was also easy to get my client trained for adding news!!
Review posted by davidofadelaide on at

Worked a charm

Saved me a huge amount of time writing my own, and the template was easily editable to fit my design specs.

Great work!

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