Starting with version 2.0.8 you must have a Google API Key for the geocoding feature.

  1. Go to
  2. Create a default project when prompted
  3. When you get to the list of APIs available scroll down to “Geocoding API” and click the ‘OFF’ status button on the right of the page, agree to the terms of use
  4. At this point the “Ceocoding API” entry should pop to the top of the page and show “ON” in green
  5. Click ‘Credentials’ on the left side of the page
  6. Click the button labeled ‘CREATE NEW KEY’ under “Public API Access”, you can restrict access with this key if you want or just leave the access restrictions blank if you don’t want to worry about this
  7. Once the key is generated copy the value from “API Key” to the config/site.php by adding the following line:
    define('GOOGLE_API_GEOCODE_KEY', 'your_api_key’);

If any errors are encountered by the system they will be logged to the Logs under the Dashboard.