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Great Product

This is a great product. We have used it for multiple clients sites now, and have nothing but good things to say about it. Good Job.
Review posted by samuelbarney on at

Doesn't Work - UPDATED - Please Refund

++++ FINAL UPDATE ++++

Requesting a refund promptly still can't get this addon to work and the support is fictional since I am being told it's my fault. Done several fresh installs on 5.6..... and everything on dashboard goes blank when I install this addon. I really like the C5 guys but have to say I'm disappointed this addon ever got published as it clearly doesn't work with the latest versions of this CMS. I feel like I was scammed.

++++ UPDATED ++++

It was an issue with 5.6+ C5 install I am sorry for posting such a quick review but in my defense your add-on is listed as 5.4+ which is misleading as it has many problems after 5.6 so in my opinion this needs to be updated. Once I got this working it is a very useful tool.

++++ END UPDATE ++++

Apparently C5 doesn't monitor for broken addons anymore :(

Just blew 130$ like a chump you got me you win this fake addon troll was successful.

@JoeHive I reverted back to an older version of C5 and some of the addon is working now but you shouldn't put Works With because that's not true. So I think I'll just code something myself was wishful thinking that this addon worked.

Very disappointed.
Response by JoeHiveCreative on at
Hello there,

In the future, can you please put in issues that you may be having in the support section.

What appears to be the problem. We are more than happy to help. The first thing that I would recommend is to turn your pretty URL's on.

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