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Review posted by JohnEveryGuy on at

This thing is cool

It's pretty useless, but it's cool none-the-less.
Review posted by McCormick on at

Velociraptor vs. Twitter bird

After my implementation of a velociraptor initially during the summertime of 1492, I started studying this genus of dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur, taking notes on its instincts and habits in an environment previously foreign to the prehistoric creature, and sharing my scrupulous findings with other dinosaur-owners including Mr. Michael Krasnow ( and Mr. John Alfred Hammond, the latter of whom remains the CEO of Jurassic Park (,_CEO).

Mr. Krasnow might recall my original report by email years ago on the subject's better-than-expected migration from the real world to the World Wide Web, along with the ever-growing popularity of what at the time seemed a one-of-a-kind species: I discovered immediately after the initial release of Raptorize that paleontologists in Mongolia had purportedly confirmed the existence of a feathered specimen—an allegedly new type-species of Velociraptor.

The Mongolians (, who in the weeks after its initial release dubbed the species "V. osmolskae," always said this bird-like raptor could easily bring down the Great City Wall of City Wok as well as its constructor, Mr. Tuong Lu Kim, a cartoon character who runs a small business in South Park, Colo.

The possibility of a negation of the liberation of the Mongolians obviously seems more radical than plausible: Mr. Kim's Great City Wall remains only a burden to some of them. Their claims in turn attracted a mob of non-believers, none of whom admittedly had any favorite dinosaur.

Thankfully, I had on my bullishit-proof vest.

Accordingly, I carried out a number of experiments in recent years to determine whether the creature inside Raptorize could meet the expectation of the Mongolians at least.

My friends, after years of irrelevant tests, I finally have one answer: the velociraptor inside Raptorize is in fact airworthy and kicks as much as as RonyD's Twitter bird. A sreengrab clearly, arguably proves my foregoing statement:
Review posted by hereNT on at

Sorely disappointed

I bought this add on hoping that it would give my mother-in-law a heart attack. It didn't. Also, it was not very intimidating on a 3D monitor, I think it needs the makeit3d css attribute enabled.

If you just want a slightly scary raptor, then by all means, use this add on. If you want truly scary, install the goatse add on.
Review posted by stephendmalloy on at


I added Raptorize to my website and instantly it was better. However, the Konami code was not working. I had to modify the raptorize.js file for the keycode to work:

Around line 96:

kkeys.push( e.keyCode );
if ( kkeys.toString().indexOf( konami ) >= 0 ) {
kkeys = [];
Review posted by cbasservices on at

Awesome! - modifications allowed us to provide online technical support

Freaking love it! Liked it so much we are using it as a "modified" form of online technical support for Mac and Apple users.
Review posted by herrherrmann on at

Much more useful than it seems.

At first I thought I don't need a Raptor on my site. I've never been using one and I haven't been thinking about installing one either.

But after the first launch I knew it's a must have for every site. Thanks a lot for enhancing the web experience and taking it to a new level, dear developer.

And all this for free!
Review posted by TechBlessings on at

A bit gimicky but...

it's still a lot of fun.

Nice job!
Review posted by Arismoon on at

Awesome Block!

I love this... and the sound effect is the best. I wish you could customize the code to launch it but its still worth having as is!!
Review posted by ThemeGuru on at

Best block ever!

It's true I've added this block to my website and suddenly my seo is better and more and more people are purchasing my products.

Thanks for releasing this into the wild!

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