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Sort search results by select attribute

I've added a select Attribute to my real estate listings and the client wants the search results to initially sort by quality: Signature, Executive, Premium, Quality. This is not the case for search results. They are being sorted alphabetically instead. H…

MLS IDX pacakge

Currently, on my server, I have a couple of CRON jobs that, on a daily basis, connect to our regions MLS server, downloads the data as CSV, and then finally import the CSV to MySQL. So, I could go a couple of different directions with this and was hoping…

Change Photos to display as gallery

Hi Tony, Love your add-on! I have a need to change the way the photos are displayed on the property listing page. Currently I'm using Revolution slider by Myconcretlab. It serves as the site main photo gallery. That being said, I would like to…

ProPhoto adjustments

I've just purchased Real Estate and I am using it with Pro Photo but I don't seem to be able to use any of the Pro Photo adjustments for sizing etc is this even possible?

Hiding "Sold" listings

Hi Tony, My client doesn't want to delete listings after they are rented, so they've been marking them as "sold." I just upgraded the software, and now I can't figure out how to hide all listings that are marked "sold" by default. Can you throw me …

Showing exact bed number instead of 3+ 4+

I need to have the search results only show the exact bedroom count instead of what it is doing now with 3+ 4+. So if I select 3 it will only bring back results that are 3 bedroom.

Add calender to a rental house

Hi Tony, I've bourght the Real Estate plugin and it works great, but i was wondering if there is any way to add a rent out calender to a property?? Best regards, Søren

Search Results Sort Order

We have our search results block set to sort the properties Highest to Lowest. It works until a new search is done and then it defaults to Newest. Is there a way to change this?

Real-Estate addon and currency

Add on looks to be exactly what I need, however will it be able to handle N$ (namibian dollar) as the currency? As that is where the client is based. Further more any location where a demo can be viewed, I would prefer to make sure it checks all the b…

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