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Review posted by Kurtopsy on at

Excellent Block

This block works as described. I've used it for purposes other than reviews too. Very versatile add-on.
Review posted by beyondmetrix on at

Markup using

this is awesome but could the markup be done using the schema for Review so that search engines would also pick up the stars and put them in the search results for those pages that have them. see
Response by mkly on at
You could create a custom template to add these things. Have you created a custom template before?

Basically, you want to copy the file from




Then modify that copied file with the appropriate markup. Then when adding a reviews block you change it to the custom template named "Schema Markup"

Here's some documentaion on custom templates

Best Wishes,
Review posted by LoneCreature on at

Great addon, excellent service

When I bought Reviews I realised (after a little message from Dashboard) that it might not work with the latest version of Conrete5.

I contacted the creator, Mike (

I received prompt service and he provided support to upgrade my Reviews for the latest version of Concrete5.

So far so good!

It's a great addon.
Review posted by synlag on at

Rate everything

Nice work, thanks a lot!
Review posted by 1976Ltd on at

As advertised

Works perfectly. Thanks.
Review posted by jocabergs3 on at

Works Fabulously

I'm working with a client who requested an star review system for her Concrete5 site. This add-on saved me a ton of time and works perfectly.
Review posted by digirunt on at

Exactly what I needed

This addition to the guestbook is great and would be difficult to implement yourself and as such well worth the purchase. It was easy to work with so I could access the rating and display it in on other areas of the site.
Review posted by tallacman on at

Great Block

This block works great. It was easy to modify the star output to display a custom icon.
Review posted by frz on at


almost a year, people keep buying this and we've had to do almost no support.
Review posted by frz on at


good review for reviews!

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