Add-On Documentation

How to use "Separator" block:

  • Install the package via the marketplace.
  • Edit a page on your website.
  • Add a new block - select "Separator"
  • Enter a height in pixels for your separator without using px or em or % - eg "5".
  • Enter a width in pixels for separator, if you want full width spacer you need to add "100" if half of width then add "50" this value will be converted in % so no need to add "%" or "px,em"
  • Select Separator Style... there are three style "Solid", "Dotted", "Dashed"
  • You can change separator color with color picker.
  • if you want separator should have upper and botom space so then you need to add "Separator Top Margin" and "Separator Bottom Margin"
  • Save the page and view BUMB.