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Review posted by jcallstr on at

SimpleCast for the Win!!

Chad does it again with another great product! ProCast makes it easier for managing podcasts that must be updated weekly. BTW - the support is also awesome - Never experienced an issue!
Review posted by webicine on at

Nice, inexpensive way to add podcasts to your Website

This is close to perfect for a Church Website to upload / manage sermons and Bible studies. My problem is;

I can't get it to sort by the date of the cast. The sort by ascending and sort by descending appear to sort by the order the casts were added. This works fine if you know that ahead of time or are just entering them as you go, but I want to load 3 years of sermons and shouldn't have to do it in order when the sort order option is part of the feature.

2 attempts at support have gone unanswered. This is really frustrating because I do a lot of Church Websites and this would be a great feature to include in the package.

Revised after Chad's response below - My support requests were Oct 28 (40 days ago) and again on Nov 23 (13 days ago). I don't believe that is an unreasonable amount of time to wait before posting a review. I love your products Chad, but need support on a feature that is a major part of this add-on.

Revision #2 - Chad resolved the above issue and it now functions as advertised and is an integral part of any Church Website. It adds a ton of value and is very easy to use.
Response by RadiantWeb on at
You "should" have received notification that I am on vacation with my family. Sorry to inconvenience you. I should have a fix for the date sorting when I get back.
Review posted by dwayneparton on at

Love it!

This is going to be perfect for Fusion(a ministry in Muskogee,OK). It's user friendly and straight forward. Thanks for the work that you put into this.
Review posted by jleinbaugh on at

Main reason I moved to Concrete5

Simplecast is one of the main reasons I switched from my previous CMS to Concrete5. It's hard to find a good podcasting module for a CMS. Simplecast is exactly that. A simple way to add an iTunes compatible podcasts to your site. Chad has been very responsive with the few issues I had as a C5 noob.

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