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5.5 Ready

Hi, Does anybody know whether Simple News and the related Scroller are 5.5 ready please? Can't see a note on the Simple News page as yet. Ian


Why is it not showing any thumbnail in the news list? Did I forget something? I added a thumnail and set up the size. thanks Jorg

Latest news block at the top

Is there a simple way to force latest news block at the top of the page? I hate to tell my client that "you have to add the block at the bottom and move it all the way up". How to reverse block order?

Simple News as block in theme temlplate

Im trying to add the Simple News block as part of a theme template. [code] [/code] This kicks out an error Warning: Division by zero in ...packages\simplenews\blocks\news_list\templates\homepage\view.php on line 66 If I hardcode $num into syst…

Request for login on read all (pretty URLS?)

Hi there, I may have the error of a user having to login due to a .htacces required for Conscrete5 to run on HeartInternet servers. RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule …


I have the zip file of simple new but does anyone know where to put it and how to install it?? Thanks

Problems with the News List when adding a Link or image. HELP

Hi! I am having problems with the block. I have been doing a lot of trial an error to find the root of the problem and it seems that whenever there is a hyperlink or an image in within the article content the news list breaks. Needed to say, it displays c…


Trying to work with this add on and it nearly does what I need. If I have several categories say News, Events and Archive. I then want to display news and events together as a list and Archive separately. Is there a way to select which categories to di…

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