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Review posted by igrieves on at

Doesnt work for me...

After playing around with this for an hour I couldnt get it work at all and deleted it. There is no documentation.

Its much easier and quicker to use a page list block to display a list and create separate pages underneath.

Before 5.0.0

Review posted by bek on at

Easy to use add-on, perfect when a Blog is too much

This a great little add-on. Easy to setup, customise and simple for clients to use. Perfect for when a full blown Blog is too much.
Review posted by MVS on at

Easy Add-On

It´s a nice add-on to put some news easily on your website. I prefer this instead of the core blog, because I don´t need such a full blog mode.
Review posted by lucid on at

Prefer ProNews

Tried both simple news and proNews and would recommend that you just go up to ProNews.
Review posted by TorstenKelsch on at

Does what it should – partly

It’s a useful, easy to use, and low-priced news tool. I use it for announcing forthcoming events and for publicizing recent informations.

But I am not satisfied at 100 %. Because, although when you type in a start and end date, the article does not disappear from view after the end date. Only the news list hides the news which are out of date.

Another lack is that the news cannot be sorted by date. They are sorted automatically by the time you type them in.

All in all this add-on is not quite what I had exspected.
Review posted by warpol on at

Great block

I love this block. It's a much better solution for most clients who simply need to burst little updates (and not run a full blog).

My one complaint deals with the categories. It is only possible to add news to one category (and not multiple). While this keeps things simple, it prevents the client from tagging news as news within that section as well as home page news.
Review posted by bsmschool on at

Does exactly what it says.

Great, simple and easy to use. It does exactly what is described, and is easy enough for a novice user to manipulate.
Review posted by Vivid on at


This block has been absolutely perfect. Clients are comfortable with using it too. And that's HUGE!
Review posted by Slentz on at

Awesome Add On

Excellent work, very user friendly and easy to customize. I had a couple of minor issues with headline links and the support was incredible. Worth every penny!
Review posted by olacom on at

Very nice!

Just bought it! Very nice, exactly the way it should be.

Suggestion: Would be nice to have a BACK-END section to see all news and been able to delete and edit it.

otherwise, very goood!
Review posted by clairec on at

Excellent Block

Thanks for this great block Chad. Super easy to use, ideal for quick news input fits in great on any site highly recommended!

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