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Delete an Event?

This should obviously be simple, but how does one Delete an Event? I can Delete the Page that was created to hold the event, but the Event itself will still show in any Event List block, even if I delete and create a whole new block. This add-on could…


Is it possible to print the calendar or Simple Events? Thanks! Reine S.

Recurring Events

I purchased both Simple Events and Simple Events Calendar. I like the feature of recurring events in the Simple Event block as I am working with several teams who practice each week during the summer. However due to my audience I need to post a list that…

Difference to ProEvent

Hi What exactly ist the difference between the SimpelEvent Packages (SimpleEvent and SimpleEventCal) to the Proevent Package? Which one of them is better? Thanks for an answer! Regards, Daniel

hover on event on calendar - text runs outside the container

Hi - running the calendar add on - but when you hover on an event on the calendar, the text runs outside of the pop-up box - any idea how to fix this? I've had a few developers take a look and they aren't having any luck fixing it - you can see the calend…

hide popup

What is the easiest way to remove the popup function. Would be nice to be able to toggle on/off. Thanks!

add event and popu up cal

why isn't the add an event in the backend. if i want to add an event, i have to add it as a block. makes no sense at all. and when i try to add an event to a page, that i will have to hide since you don't offer that, where is the pop up cal in the ui? …

Keeping Past Events On The Calendar

What php script would I use to have the calendar display both current and past events, instead of only current events as you have it now?

Fatal Error getCurrentBlock

I have SimpleEvents but with SimpleEventsCal I get this error in the latest version: Fatal error: Call to undefined method SimpleeventcalBlockController::getCurrentBlocks() in /home/sites/…

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