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Review posted by drumrby on at

Great Solution

This is a wonderful way to display all of your social media links on your website! Very easy to use and practically no learning curve. Surprisingly robust for such a simple add-on! Well done!

Before 2.0.0

Review posted by shadowcomputers on at

Easy to get social networking icons and link on your site

Fantastic little add-on that is easy to use and setup.

Only downside the limited amount of social networks you can link to.
Review posted by Vivid on at

Best Social Icon add-on so far for C5

This is super great, super easy to customize and overall completely worth it.

Here's my only gripes:

1. 10ish options don't cover all the social sites there is to cover. Need the ability to add a custom network. Something simple like "network name:", "url", "choose an icon". I had to add icons for tumblr, and a few more.

2. I don't like having yet another thing in the dashboard area. You can discount this if you want. But I feel that I shouldn't need to go to the dashboard for this kind of block. Seriously, going to two places in C5 just to add social icons? That's a bit much...
Review posted by HeartStrong07 on at

Worked really well; easy to understand

Excellent Add-on. It installed with no problems and was easy to use. The buttons are on my pilot website.

Will you be adding Slideshare, Boxnet and Photobucket as options?

Thanks - excellent product!

2.0.0 - 2.0.0

Review posted by cadams on at


This is a decent little add on. It's easy to use and easy to customize. The reason that I am rating it three stars instead of five is because it is very limited in the amount of social networks that you can include. I personally felt as if it was a bit of a rip-off. I ended up buying a different add-on that included 80+ different social network connections and supported social sharing for the same price. It gave me more of what I was looking for for my site. I think the inclusion of more social networks and/or the ability for people to share your site socially would make this a 5 star add-on.
Response by RadiantWeb on at
what social network did you want that was not there? Also, did you put in a support ticket to request it be added? The main difference between this addon and others is the massive image library that comes stock with really cool icon packs. It would not be all that hard to add more networks. but communication would be nice.

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