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simple, small, easy, fast
Review posted by lota on at

Simple, Fast and efficiente

What I need to create quickly simple gallery
Review posted by cjramki on at

Such a Greate Gallery

Thanks jordanlev to create such a great gallery... JQuery fancybox is cool...It's very nice.
Easy to setup, powerful
Review posted by ripvanwinkle on at

Works exactly as anticipated. Fits in my responsive layout.

I would give it 5 stars, but he's written so many other complex packages that are surely brilliant if I only could only understand them at that level.

Sortable Fancybox Gallery might as well be a core package.

I created a custom template for it so that it produces a zurb foundation grid-block. Fast and easy.
Response by jordanlev on at
Review posted by anchoredbutterfly on at

Great Gallery Add-on!

Easy to use, powerful, wonderful add-on.
Review posted by marcsublet on at

Powerful, flexible and well-done!

This plugin is a "must-have" in the C5 toolbox.
I couldn't imagine my C5 developments without it!
Review posted by PatrickCassidy on at

Totally Cool!

This is the second time I have used this Add-on, so it's overdue for some good comments.

This is probably the best free add-on available in the marketplace, it gives the editor some easy to use UI, and it looks and works great. I love the different transition effects - elastic is one of my favourites!

Top Job!
Review posted by eddiethefarmer on at


Easy to use and the elastic effect is really cool.
Review posted by joer80 on at


Plugins like this are great for the c5 community! Keep it up!
Review posted by wagdi on at

Sortable Fancybox Gallery

This is so useful. Having the ability to sort images using a drag 'n' drop interface makes it very intuitive to use.. and it's FREE!

Thanks for another great FREE add-on!
Review posted by beebs93 on at

Sort of like Apple; it just works

I added this to a photo history page for a past project and it worked seamlessly. Given how extensively we utilized file sets this blended right into our editing workflow and continued to make things easy for the client.

Thanks, jordan! :D
Review posted by globalnerds on at

This is great

This add on is great and works well - especially for the price!
Review posted by chrison999 on at

Excellent Add-on & Superb Support

This is a great add-on for CS5, but what stands out the most is the support the developer provides. I had a problem when I tried installing the add-on that wasn't even related to the add-on itself, but the developer took the time to look into it and point me in the right direction even though he could have said "that's a CS5 problem, so check for an answer somewhere else." This shows me that this developer ***really*** cares about end-user satisfaction.

In short, the add-on alone is great, but the support makes the "do I do it" decision a no brainer. I'll be upgrading to the Deluxe version as soon as I get my boss's (wife's) approval. :)
Review posted by brennaH on at

Perfect. Simple. Thank you.

Trust me, this is the one you are looking for.
Review posted by JohntheFish on at

Easy to setup and maintain

It works as I would expect it to and once set up with a picture set is simple for end users to maintain. The only catch is you have to keep an eye out for other add-ons using the jQuery fancybox, as Jordan pointed out when it argued with popup login. With that resolved, a great block.
Review posted by Steevb on at

Great Block

Just set up three with 50 plus images for a walking section of our community website.

Uploaded images, put in sets, called sets and rearranged in less than 5 mins!

Review posted by gnyma on at

Easy to use straight out of the box

This gallery has got to be the best one out there in the marketplace. It's easy to use and manage; fuss-free and uncomplicated!
Review posted by Multishow64 on at


simple to set up, and very nice looking..
really appreciate the shortcut to the filemanager.
a must have.
Review posted by Vivid on at

Best free photogallery block!

Seriously great job working on this. Keep up the good work. Works perfectly out of the box!
Review posted by dwayneparton on at

Great Add-on

Thanks a lot for the work you put into this. The UI is simple, and very easy to use. Not to mention the block itself looks great. Thanks
Review posted by madeforspace on at

Fantastic Add On

A really neat add on that is flexible and versatile. I recommend it to anyone with images that need displaying. Deluxe Fancybox is even better if you need cropping on your images.
Thanks Jordan for a great package and support.
Review posted by igrieves on at


Does exactly what it says on the tin. Installation and configuration are easy and support from Jordan is beyond excellent - getting back to me (and solving my self inflicted problem)in one hour on a Sunday takes some beating - thank you.
Review posted by keagrace on at

Stunning and Sleek!

I absolutely love this. It works exactly the way it should and it's very sleek and stylish.
Review posted by TomVdP on at


5 stars from me too!

One tiny thing, but may be due to my limited knowledge of CSS: I cannot add white space *below* the gallery. I have added a comment section there, but it sticks to the lowest image in the gallery. But as I said, probably something in the CSS anybody else solves in the blink of an eye...
Review posted by cali on at

Perfect alliance bteween power and simplicity

All is in the titel, very good gallery.
Lightweight, and really easy to take in hand.
thanks so much for this contrib :)
Review posted by RoyB on at

Awesome gallery and even better support

I would recommend this gallery as being easy to use and flexible - it gives a really professional feel to the website. What makes it even better is that Jordan provides support that is fast and helpful which is really useful for people like me who aren;t developers.
Review posted by focus43 on at


Jordan - you are the man. Especially for making this free. Way more intuitive than any other image gallery I've ever used, and the way you made it handle resizing automatically is fantastic. Thanks for this great add-on.
Review posted by mikewilsonuk on at

Easy to install and use, looks great

This gallery has a very nice clean interface and is very easy to use. In use, it looks great. The best free gallery for Concrete I have seen.
Review posted by tallacman on at


This block is a winner on all counts. The add block interface is so nice to use you'll hate to push the "Add" button. But when you do the results are well worth it. Multiple instances per page support too!
Review posted by braincramp on at

Great and versatile gallery

This is by far the best gallery I have used on C5, an I have tried almost all of them. It is very versatile and has all the options I needed. Big bonus is that it is the only gallery I found that is mobile friendly as it doesn't expand images past the width of the reduced page on the iphone. Excellent work.

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