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Review posted by TheRealSean on at

Does not style correctly for concrete5.5 plus

Great add-on but only really usable on pre 5.5 sites with the old style dashboard.

The add-on does work in 5.5+ but need s some manual tweaks to get the styling correct
Response by JohntheFish on at
Thanks for reporting the glitch, bugs are usually best reported as support requests rather than reviews. That way you can attach environment information and some screenshots so I can work out what the issue is and we can have a proper dialog to find out what needs fixing. I have just checked v1.1 of the addon on c5.6.3.2 and its all looking good for me, so maybe your problem is browser specific.

Once I have posted a response to a review, that is it, I cant post further. So to help me get this working for you please open a support request.

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