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In settings, I selected "Ignore Visits by Users in these Groups" Administrators, but I noticed that both the admin user itself and another user in the Administrator group are included in the statistics in all of the sections.

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Add Multiple Pages (2.1.1), Are You A Human (1.0.1), Breadcrumbs (2.0), Calendar Nav (1.0.8), Comments Moderation (2.0.2), Content Around Image (1.23), Discussion (1.8.6), Extended Search (1.0), Extreme Clean (1.0), Favorites (1.6.0), Global Areas (1.0), Honeypot (1.0), Karma (1.1.0), Login (1.1.1), Magic Tabs (, Orphan Page Inspector (0.91), Popup Login (1.0.5), Pro Events (11.0.6), Quickie Player (0.9.1), Slate Theme (, Stickies (1.2.3), tnSpacer (1.3), Traffic & Statistics (3.09).

# concrete5 Overrides
languages/he_IL, languages/nb_NO, languages/sl_SI, languages/vi_VN, languages/da_DK, languages/fi_FI, languages/fa_IR, languages/es_ES, languages/ja_JP, languages/zh_CN, languages/de_DE, languages/ar, languages/sv_SE, languages/tr_TR, languages/pt_PT, languages/es_MX, languages/zh_TW, languages/sk_SK, languages/ro_RO, languages/el_GR, languages/nl_NL, languages/it_IT, languages/es_AR, languages/cs_CZ, languages/es_PE, languages/fr_FR, languages/ru_RU

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Block Cache - On
Overrides Cache - On
Full Page Caching - Off

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bcmath, bz2, calendar, cgi-fcgi, Core, ctype, curl, date, dom, ereg, exif, filter, ftp, gd, gettext, hash, htscanner, iconv, imap, intl, ionCube Loader, json, libxml, mbstring, mcrypt, mhash, mysql, mysqli, mysqlnd, openssl, pcre, PDO, pdo_mysql, pdo_pgsql, pdo_sqlite, pgsql, Phar, posix, pspell, Reflection, session, SimpleXML, soap, sockets, SPL, SQLite, sqlite3, standard, tidy, tokenizer, xml, xmlreader, xmlrpc, xmlwriter, xsl, Zend Guard Loader, zip, zlib.

# PHP Settings
max_execution_time - 30
log_errors_max_len - 1024
max_file_uploads - 20
max_input_nesting_level - 64
max_input_time - 60
max_input_vars - 4000
memory_limit - 512M
post_max_size - 128M
safe_mode - Off
safe_mode_exec_dir - <i>no value</i>
safe_mode_gid - Off
safe_mode_include_dir - <i>no value</i>
sql.safe_mode - Off
upload_max_filesize - 128M
mysql.max_links - Unlimited
mysql.max_persistent - Unlimited
mysqli.max_links - Unlimited
mysqli.max_persistent - Unlimited
pcre.backtrack_limit - 1000000
pcre.recursion_limit - 100000
pgsql.max_links - Unlimited
pgsql.max_persistent - Unlimited
session.cache_limiter - nocache
session.gc_maxlifetime - 7200
soap.wsdl_cache_limit - 5
safe_mode_allowed_env_vars - PHP_
safe_mode_protected_env_vars - LD_LIBRARY_PATH

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Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2; WOW64; rv:32.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/32.0

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