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Review posted by ProjbyP on at

Great Add-On But ...

I love everything about this add-on except the lack of the ability to style the CSS separate from the application.

On the plus side, it was easy to install and set up. It works like a charm, with sorting, search, the ability to add page attributes, etc. It really made my job easier for the most part.

The CSS is included with a lot of options for color schemes, however, none matched my scheme and the most annoying is the odd/even rows in a light shade of purple. I am using the add-on on a car dealer website styled in greens. Even the green template is using the purple highlighting. I could live with a light shade of gray but not the purple.

I asked the developer for assistance in changing the styles, i.e., just the row colors over a week ago with no response. I noted another request for help in early May with no response (6 weeks+).

It is so important to separate style from function, yet many developers don't get it. It's frustrating!
7/5/2012 - Addendum - I was able to figure out the background and overwrite the styles in my main.css stylesheet - here's the code for anyone else who needs it:

table tr.even td.sorting_1,td.sorting_2,td.sorting_3,td.sorting_4 {
   background: #fff;
table tr.odd td.sorting_1,td.sorting_2,td.sorting_3,td.sorting_4 {
   background-color: #eae0d7;
table tr.even  {
   background-color: #fff;
table tr.odd  {
   background-color: #eae0d7;

I upgraded my rating to 4 (from a 3) because it really is a good addon and even though I got no support, I am a much happier camper!
Review posted by chawki on at

Very nice!

This is a great add-on. Very easy to set up. Just mark which pages you want to include via a custom attribute. It also comes with a bunch of neat themes.

What I like the best, though, is the built-in searching/filtering. Without any work from me my site visitors are now able to perform some very easy page searching.

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