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Review posted by russellglee1 on at

Nice add-on

I bought this add-on quite some time ago and just used it recently. It was perfect for my project and the pages look great.
Review posted by tallacman on at

When you need tables, use this.

Easy to use. Easy to style. Perfect for tabular data.
Review posted by witwag on at


As always, an excellent addon from
Review posted by okapi on at

Clean and easy to use

I really like this add-on, it's a pleasure to create and edit tables! The UI is intuitive, clean and well-organised.

The positioning of the table rows currently works via numbers, therefore it's a good practice to set the numbers manually in the form 10,20,30... or even 100,200,300... to be able to insert rows later on, without having to rename all existing ascending rows. Personally, i would prefer a drag & drop order option as a replacement for the current positioning method. I think that would be great for a future version, which would definitely deserve a five star rating.
Review posted by drbiskit on at

My clients will LOVE this addon...

Speaking as a front-end dev, I have spent my entire career using html tables. Originally way back when using them for layout (oops), and ever since 'correctly' for data, and in marketing newsletters, etc. I actually love the challenge of making html tabulated data look beautiful. I do this where required now for clients when they ask for it, but then always have the issue of trying to teach them how to go in and edit the html - which generally melts their brains...

So, this add-on is an absolute god-send. I can finally happily build tables for them, and leave them a great UI by which to manage their content.

This add-on is well thought out, and well worth the money! Good work.
Review posted by Cliffeco on at

What an excellent add-on!

I was scratching my head wondering how I could create loads of stylised tables for a scientific section of a client website I'm building and then found Tables.

After installing it I found it easy to take the client info supplied in Word format, save it as an Excel .csv file then copy it directly into Tables, which saved me a lot of keyboard work. But then I hit a problem when I published the page - how could I stylise the tables so they loked like the attractive grey and white divided tables on the screenshots? Being a CSS newbie I was bewildered so issued a suport request.

This was answered the very same day (thanks Dennis!) and I was directed to the home website for Tables where they have set up all the info needed to use CSS code, which can be pasted into the Theme customisation box. I copied the standard code and it worked perfectly so now all I have to do is create a new table file (logically placed in the Dashboard under Tables) for each product and masses of tedious work is now done automatically!

I am well pleased with this add-on and the kind support speedily given, so give it my highest recommendation!

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