coping tables to new site, ie database dables with data and structures of tables created

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what is the best method to copy tables I created with data to a new c5 site? need info asap.

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smartwebprojects replied on at Permalink Reply
At the moment data export is not supported.

It is possible to copy via MySQL if you have access to MySQL client or PHPMyAdmin.

The tables in database are:

`swpTablesTables` - stores table id, name, note and order
`swpTablesColumns` - stores info about table columns (i.e. table structure)
`swpTablesRows` - table rows, stores row ID, table ID and row position
`swpTablesValues` - stores values for each cell, for some field types the value is stored as serialized array
`swpTablesFieldTypes` - information about activated field types

If you need to transfer all tables from scratch, you can copy all these tables to the new website. But it won't work if there is some data in the new website (i.e. if you already created websites)

I'm currently working on data export/import functionality, it will be available in the new release.

If you describe what field types are used in your tables (i.e. what data is used in the table), I will try to provide you with a quick solution.

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