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TC Slider- auto height?

I am interested in using your add-on but want to be able for the container to grow in height to accommodate differing content types without having to fix the height. Please let me know if you think this is possible. Thanks!

trouble updating slack

hello I have a slider whith html code in it, when I change the code in my statck, my slide does'nt update, can you help me please

html code break slider

I need to have table on the slider, so I create a new slide, I choose 'Edit content option' and paste the following code : [code]PériodePrix PériodePrixdu 1er au 7 avril1000 € du 1er au 7 avril1000 €du 1er au 7 avril1000 € du 1er au 7 avril1000 €du 1er a…

different buttons associated with different slides

Hi, I was wondering if you could give me a little bit more information on how to use custom icons to go to specific slides and the simplest way to do it. I'm pretty new to coding and don't have a solid understanding on everything yet. I looked over http:/…

How to get jQuery Lightbox working with tcslider?

I am trying to use this lightbox plugin: in tcslider but it does not seem to work. Is there a way to get this working? I've tried this lightbox script outside of tcslider and it works fine.

Upgrade to tcSlider 2.2.5 before Upgrading to concrete5.6

If you are planning to upgrade to concrete5.6, please make sure you upgrade to tcSlider 2.2.5 (or later) first. A change made to the concrete5.6 core is incompatible with earlier versions of tcSlider and will cause a fatal PHP error.

Does it accommodate Layout Blocks

Hi There Just before I buy this I would like to basically created page of a few image gallerires. theses galleries are going to be grid layouts 3x3 with image blocks in. I then want multiple galleries which I can scroll between. so could I have multip…

'Random' could use tweaking

Hi there, I love the addon but would like to improve on the random order capabilities. Too often, the random shows the same slide multiple times before showing many others. Is it possible to mend the code below so that it doesn't display the same image…

styling prev and next buttons

Hi I am trying to style the prev and next buttons. I am able to do a generic styling so give them a background and change the font color, but I want to the buttons to look like arrows - so they need to point in opposite directions.

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