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Switching Login/register page settings

Theme Switcher is working wondefully on a demo site I'm building however the site includes login, register and profile pages which are set in the site_theme_paths config file. Is there any way to extend Theme Switcher to change these page too?


Is there a setting that needs to be set in order for the url functionality to work correctly? I have this add-on installed but for some reason when I use /?t=theme_jagged its not going to the correct theme. Instead it takes me to the default theme. An…

Not working in single page?

Hi mike, i add theme switcher to header area, in single page like login or profile i add manually. [code] $b = Block::getByName('Theme-Switcher'); $bv = new BlockView(); echo $bv->render($b, 'view'); [/code] but it not work. there is javascrip misi…

Change select dropdown with image?

hii mnkras. thanks for the-addon. btw, can we change the dropdown theme select with image? do you have idea doing this? give me hint thank you

Minor security issue in theme switcher

If you provide a theme to the t variable that doesn't exist the block will display errors giving away the PHP path (which normally contains the system username). The block should ensure a default theme is selected or sanitize the input based on availab…

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