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Thumbview Template

This is a thumbview template for page list block by Soh Tanaka


How it works:

Step 1:  Login to your website and navigate to dashboard->pages and themes

Step 2:  At the bottom choose attribute page type image/file and click "Go"

Step 3:  Enter 'page_thumbnail' within handle and a custom name

Step 4:  Optionally click the check boxes to make it searchable

Step 5:  Click on "Add Attribute"

Step 6:  Navigate to your dashboard-> sitemap

Step 7:  Click on a page you want to assign a thumbnail and then on properties->custom attributes

Step 8:  Choose the named attribute from step 3 and choose a thumbnail from the filemanager

Step 9:  Add a page list block to any page

Step 10: While in edit mode, click on the page list block, select custom template and choose 'Thumbview'


That's it, the pages with assigned thumbnail should get displayed.


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