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Review posted by igrieves on at

Good but has limits

It's worth knowing each news page name has a character limit of about 75 characters. If you go over this the ticker 'pauses' as it reads the remainder but doesn't display it. Clicking on the link causes it to disappear too. Reducing the page name in page properties to 75 chr solves all this. Otherwise looks good within it's limits.
Review posted by sk01 on at

Nice add-on with a small error..

same issue like described here:

so I altered line 26 in packages/ticker/blocks/page_list/templates/ticker/view.php
<div class="tickerLink" ><?php echo $this->url( $cobj->getCollectionPath() ) ?></div>

and it works like a charme!

thanks for this nice add-on!
Review posted by Rye on at

Simple, eyecatching & awesome!

This went on all of our law firm sites. It catches the clients eye and impresses them. All on one little line.
Had read somewhere that it should scroll and at first I thought that it should also. We were wrong. This addon is perfect just the way it is.
Review posted by AndyB37 on at

I like it!

Nice way to display rss feed.

Quick question: I'm trying to adjust it to display the author name as well, and it's giving me a long string that looks encrypted. I'm calling the following function:

Can I not call that SimplePIE function directly from view.php? I'm using an RSS feed and my author tag looks like this when I look at my feed's source:

Less important side question: the ticker is a little too fast for my taste. What do you think about adding a speed option (slow/medium/fast)?
Review posted by frz on at


does what you'd expect, if you like tickers, no reason you wont like this one.

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