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The Right Tool for the Job

This plugin couldn't possibly be simpler to use, and does exactly what it's supposed to do.

I have a client that has a huge list of parts and prices, with listings on multiple pages, and anytime they needed to update the prices it was a nightmare going through all of the site pages looking for references. This plugin completely solves this issue by allowing them to create a token in the dashboard and then using a variable on the site (right inside of a content block) example - {item-price} which grabs the set value in the backend and it shows up on the page.

If you have projects like this, this plugin is a lifesaver!

My only suggestion for future version might be a way to categorize the tokens with headings or something that would make very long lists of tokens easier to find for updating.


Product X
{token 1}
{token 2}
{token 3}

Product Y
{token 1}
{token 2}

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