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Is it possible to load all users in a list that have a specific attribute?


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Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
No, this package will only display a single user. There is a user search feature built into concrete5 by default though, which may do what you're looking for. It may have to be enabled through the dashboard.
ericchaffey replied on at Permalink Reply
Shucks, I assumed it wouldn't work out of the box. Could it be hacked to create a list? Or possibly a custom template created that could work?

I like the functionality and loof of this over many of the other addons available, but i really need an easy way to show/hide every user with a specific attribute easily.

I know you don't have time to provide any help for free or details of how it could be done, just wondering if it a possibility to do.

Thanks again!
Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
It would take a lot of hacking. You're better off trying to hack the existing member search functionality that comes by default with concrete5.
ericchaffey replied on at Permalink Reply
Dang, well I will look into that. Thank you much for your time and assistance!

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