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Ustream Status - Simple

Originally developed for my site:

Ustream is a great free live casting service. Anybody can become a broadcaster. However it's always hard to reach out to the audience.

If you can show visitors that you are live on Ustream, it could increase your viewership. So I made this simple add-on using Ustream API call. The source code was tuned by Yamanoi.

This is a free add-on with not so much of the support. If you would like to see more functionality, please drop a line. I will consider making them.

This add-on comes with Japanese language file

ATTENTION - High traffic webmasters

When you use this add-on, I highly recommend to ENABLE FULL PAGE CACHE!!! Or Ustream may block the status check from your website.


  • It checks if the desired Ustream channel is broadcasting live or not
  • You can select 3 different sizes for on-air status

The instruction

  1. Click to add the block
  2. Enter the URL of your Ustream channel
  3. Select the image type and/or add your own images from file manager.
  4. Save

This is very basic add-on. If you understand concrete5's custom templates, and HTML, you can change the image easily.


This add-on is on GitHub: https://github.com/katzueno/UstreamStatus-concrete5

Similar Add-on

Also check my other addon, "Twitcasting Live Status" It does the same thing for Twitcasting.

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