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Review posted by berteldk on at

Add-on great - social skills none

I bought this add-on and its working after some minor problems due to the fact he named his divs common used names and therefor there was a conflict. (div id="wrapper")

After i write on support to figure this problem out he kinda had an attitude from the get go and generally seems like i was beeing annoying asking him why i had problems with his brilliant work forgetting i actually paid money for his product. So much for customer service i guess... He did however tell me he would change and update, not sure if he ever did cause he kinda stopped answering me and gernerally seems like he doesnt care.
Response by RadiantWeb on at
This user is obviously a very harsh person. At no time did I project anything other than what was fact from the start - this is a css issue. The user could have adhered to this prompt response from the get go, and made a 1 min change. but instead, insisted on a package level change. Of which I did in fact obliged and do so.

From my standpoint, I was very accommodating and helpful.

The product is great and works great.

It seems this user is simply out to attack my character? not sure. Awfully offensive and accusatory statements here. But I do hope you enjoy your working Vimeo addon, and that you feel better :-)

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